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Good for him. What an intelligent chap, taking advantage of Idiocracy.

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A Stanford education used to mean something and still does for a lot of people who have never heard of stories like this.


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Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and a couple other universities will soon start being blacklisted by hiring managers. When you no longer make it about academic merit then the whole point is defeated. Harvard has a YUGE problem with grade inflation. The average grade there is an A-, the only "hard" thing about Harvard is getting in nowadays and if you have the right skin color and cry oppression then you get in without earning it. At that point what's the value of drawing applicants from there?

Yale let in a former taliban fighter who couldn't even fucking read because "muh life experience"

Why would someone want to hire someone from Yale who probably didn't earn their way in like past generations did and will probably be a cancer to work with because of how they were indoctrinated in university