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oh, so it's OK to segregate again.. thanks...

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Because blacks want their own secluded safe-space group while banning whites from having their own.

Remember you can't discriminate against whites because of some position and power equation or something...


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Its an IQ test.

They failed.

I think its fucking hilarious that all of their ancestors fought to be integrated, and these dumbshits turn around and go the segregation route.

Please - continue... I want these fucks to have a "Africa First" movement and get all the fucking nig-nogs out of the USA to Liberia or some other shit-hole country in Africa. It would be PERFECT.

Keep it up, you stupid nig-nog cunts.


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Instead of segregation we merely have to call it progress. We must protect the rich black African culture by allowing all blacks to live with each other and put the evil whites behind walls in the suburbs.


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black have been pushed around long enough! they need their own society where white are not allowed! not schools, diners, shopping centers...nothing! separate but equal. Blacks should support blacks by never going into white neighborhoods or places of business!

oh god please let this come true.

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Except for white women. How much you wanna bet that the black men still want the white women, even in their segregated safe-space?


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Yeah if whits dont get new ideas the cant seal anymore culture like they did.


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Would you even want to go to their meeting?


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If everyone were as logical as whites, we could resolve our differences like adults. Clearly our modern times show that non-white races, in addition to the much maligned white race, DESIRE self actualization and increased agency through segregation.

My problem here is not that the niggers want their own space; I want my own space too, AWAY from them. This could happen peacefully if we had incorporated agencies which represent the interests of their own races, but since we're caught in the (((long march))), we have to gamble that the powers that be will represent 'everyone' and not 'their own kind.' Niggers will never be happy being ruled by whites and visa versa. Unfortunately, I don't think things will resolve peacefully. Nigger crime pushed both sides of my family out of Detroit prior to the end of the 1970s. I am deep in enemy territory and determined to reclaim this land. I'm sure we can ask the niggers to leave, but they won't. The gibs here are still too strong.