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I disagree

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This is the same excuse democrats used to defend "hands up don't shoot" The claim that "the narrative is true even if the facts aren't" isn't going to win anyone over to your side. It's blatant propaganda. They are crazy enough as it is, no need to fabricate stories or images. Stuff like this hurts more than it helps.


[–] GoatyMcGoatface 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago 

Alright I guess we can't just let this go at "I disagree". If the original sign is just as ridiculous, why use Photoshop? Why play up the mental disconnect of "why he get shot? He didn't do nuthin except try to rob someone?" If you don't see why Photoshopping something to alter someone's words is bad, go back to reddit


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Remember - some of BLM suggestions are to give blacks clemency for most crimes, disarm the police, and disband the police, to name others. Their positions are insane, especially when they are being made on the back of blatant lies like "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" and the absolutely batshit claim that blacks are being genocided by cops - while overlooking the fact that damn near 100% of blacks are killed by other blacks, and in the thousands upon thousands to boot.


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Fantastic, the only issue I'm arguing is attempting to realistically Photoshop something to misrepresent words, any words.