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If anything, SJWs are a tool of the wealthy, acting as a smokescreen from actual liberal issues. It's no coincidence that many of them come from money and talk about every kind of privilege except wealth/class.


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Among a certain crowd political correctness has made being a victim an automatic win in any disagreement. If two people are in a dispute that crowd looks at the disputants and tallies up how many victim points each side has and declare the winner. Unless of course you don't buy into the whole game in which case you automatically lose. You can be a poor, black, lesbian, rape survivor, single-mother with aids who grew up under apartheid and if you disagree with the game you're literally worse than Hitler.

This is why "rape culture" is so very important. Without vicariously sharing in the victimization of a few actual rape survivors by applying the magic of "rape culture" to the occasional offensive comment one of the single most privileged groups in whole world: rich white suburban girls lose all the victim points vital to winning the game.