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in all fairness the msm has been doing the same thing against Trump, such as with russian collusion stories

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Stop giving fake msm money by clicking on their fake news stories related news, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear today. While driving home from work,was listening to 'Vermont public radio' (u know, gotta listen if you wanna know what their angle is) and they were almost begging for $120 pledges to support a radio station that 'adds so much value to society'. Usually they have their begging sessions for a week or two tops. This year it's been going on for months JOYYYÝYYYYY! (I almost felt bad for the employees but then decided to wake the fuck up).

Ohhh, the public has FINALLY caught on. Most are redpilled and would rather not pay for establishment brainwashing. This is the end of establishment media.