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Honestly, I'm getting tired of these videos. They make for good sound-bytes, but what good comes of this?

It's always the same:

Chaffetz with a condescending smile, "So you broke the law..."

Defendant either smiling or stoned face, "I like turtles."

Chaffetz, "We're not talking about turtles, we're talking about how corrupt and criminal you and your organization is."

Defendant, "Turtles have shells."

Chaffetz, "This is ridiculous, this is not how America works."

Voat, "OMFG! Did you see Chaffetz rip into Defendant?!! BRUTAL!!"

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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Agreed. For once I'd like to see Public Officials who disregard the law held accountable.


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The Oversight Committee has no scope to prosecute or recommend prosecution - Gowdys own words or thereabouts. If your looking for anything other than moral grandstanding we will have to go elsewhere. Gowdy 2024 all the same at least he has morals.

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Have a upvoat. This shit has been driving me crazy:

Some X gov't official does something clearly wrong > Chaffetz or Gowdy says some mean shit > Nothing happens.

Well, Fuck


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When the media wasn't owned by multinationals and there was a lot less of it, pinpoint attention would have been focused on this. When there was only 3 tv channels and they were all showing this it couldn't get lost in the melee.

The people would have been phoning and writing their reps demanding action. The justice department would have been pressured to take action by hundreds of politicians who's reelection depended on them doing so.

Plus, people don't seem to have that built in sense of ethics we're always told they do. The liberal media and their followers, for all their faults are still people. They know a bit about this, they don't care.