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Comey seems to blow in the wind where ever he thinks politics is leading, either that, or he is the most blackmailed person in government and operates completely out of fear.

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I think you may have hit the nail on the head. He asked for immunity to handle the Clinton 2.0 investigation. How the hell does an FBI director ask for immunity for anything? Now we have to wonder what he did wrong, and how Clinton was involved. This was for investigation matters that pre-date the election.

This guy is crooked as fuck.

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well, he's a lawyer, not an agent.

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So, will those online petitions be heard now if, say, someone were to draft one that says that United States citizens have lost faith in Comey and demand his removal?

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What a despicable cabal of traitorous fuckers.

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Dude has been caught lying before. Weasel indeed!

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Can this guy just get fired yet is there something stopping that from happening

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The Senate and House Republicans forced Trump to continue to rely on Comey. And they forced him to back the health care replacement poison pill HC-RIP (Health Care-Ryan Idiot Plan).

Trump is nearly alone against assassins and traitors who have climbed the ladder within the Republican party. And the Democrats are sitting on their hands while calling him Hitler.

America needs to do some serious head cracking in the Senate and House.

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If only we can break the back of gerrymandering and make election districts either triangles squares or pentagons without the largest and smallest varying more than a few percentage. Most of the House and Senate would turn over if that happened.

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Always watch what a politician does, never believe what a politician says.

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He was ostensibly Republican and Republican RNC folks suggested he should stay is the probable answer.

The theme that is emerging is Trump trying to compromise with the Republican leadership while they continuously stab him in the back and present idiotic proposals that will undermine Trump moving forward. And the Democrats have no plan to assist him even when it benefits their own constituents.

The Health Care-Ryan Idiot Plan (HC-RIP) is a case in point. Trump has been for single payer and that is well documented. But Trump wants the Congress to build a Wall and impose Tariffs which are the keys to MAGA. In order to get those key things done, he is trying to give support to the Health Care replacement plan that is so bad that even the Republicans are loath to get too close to it. But if he does not do that, back HC-RIP, then Ryan likely has threatened to withdraw crucial support.

So, again, Trump is being hemmed in. A President is not an Emperor. Comey and HC-RIP are being forced on the President by the Traitors that run Congress.

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This is really unbelievable. Comey is looking ever so tired with the liver bags under his eyes, just like soros.

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