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Even canary notices are pointless. The judge will simply instruct you to keep them. Just keep that in mind. Nothing is safe, not even voat.

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Even gold bars can be doped with a little bit of radiation to fingerprint where it was mined...

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You misunderstand. The US government directly tells you there is no right to privacy, because nobody is outside of judicial control. It doesn't matter how you try to subvert the intent of the gag order, if you attempt to subvert it, you go to federal rape jail.

This is the world we live in, now.

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Are there any other organizations like the EFF around? I am not fond of the prospect of what amounts to a single point of failure, since they seem to be the only ones fighting some of this bullshit, but they're the only one I can think of readily.

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EFF was created to be controlled opposition.

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gibs me some a dat sauce

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ACLU comes to mind. In being a single point of failure, I mean.

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Is there a more abused term than 'national security' used by the usual suspects?

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I'd long suspected that CF was an NSA front. Guess not.

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https://tweetsave.com/agcrocker/status/843866282969640960 :

Andrew Crocker on Twitter: "NEW: FBI finally allows @CREDOMobile and @Cloudflare to fully identify themselves, 2 days before argument in 9th Cir t.co/PIsnREGBmh t.co/rQzbw5luo4"

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