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This is fantastic news. Fight fight fight even when the Government says it will take over for Justice and negotiate with Riyadh stand your ground. Did you see Trey Gowdy's committee hearing with Comey and NSA about Trump wiretap claim today? You just cannot believe the stonecold NSA dude. Comey is a good salesman but everything you hear about hardened mili doing stuff like the Chemtrails etc. shows up in that one 3/20/2017 hearing. Yikes. This battle will not end soon but so proud of the 800 families suing the Saudi's for 9/11. Awesome. Here's another article on it. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/breaking-800-families-sue-saudi-arabia-carrying-911-terror-attacks/

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No justice while Mecca stands. We did more for Pearl Harbor and that attack wasn't as serious.

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It costs so much to get to Mecca these days many regular Muslims can't go without selling a kidney. So many Black Muslims are denied Malcolm X's vision of a unified humanity moving about the great stone. The price is mandated by the Saudis

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Why not just nuke it and make the whole area a radioactive wasteland for the next 50000 years?