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This is why it should be legal to accidentally murder someone upon discovering they groped your child on a water slide.

I mean you might just intend to knock them out and accidentally cave their skull in or accidentally drown them...

All I'm saying is accidents happen man.

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No, I was not intending to kill him your honor. I just kept punching him until he stopped touching my daughter.

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If I had children and some one molested/raped them I would gladly go to jail seeking my own justice .

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You can still do it in Texas without even pretending it was accidental.

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Everybody is the same. If Hans is not molesting little girls, certainly Mohammed won't, right?

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You're assuming they give a shit about their kids. How could they? They have one or two and drop them off at daycare for the state to raise. The state dictates how they raise them and takes over the parent role, leaving the real parents to wring their hands over muslim supremacists who consider them nothing but filthy pigs.

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Time to take matters into your own hands. Vigilante justice is still Justice.

You don't need to wear a costume but if you can pull it off like some of them do, why not become a symbol?

When real-life superheroes (RLSHs) are asked why they do what they do, a frequent (though not universal) response is that they feel the police, legal system, or social service system isn’t doing enough, and they want fill that gap and make a difference. Their motivations are prosocial.

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All real German men died in ww1 and ww2.

cuck blood is all thats left.

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Unfortunately that seems to be true. Similar thing happened during America's civil war.

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Oddly enough I find some of the more normal guys who don't take in the US are usually from a nordic or eastern european ancestry that immigrated after WW2. Even the supposedly tough black guys have some kind of pussification to them, no self respecting man brags about owning gucci or versache while living with their parents for fuck sakes.

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This is uplifting news as it is proof they can cooperate, plan while using their surroundings to advantage, and share in mutual gain. This evidence of higher function is how civilized societies prosper. Sharing these values is how they can help make Canada™ better.

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As a note, I firmly believe these two should be beheaded.

As a weird cultural belief, they wouldn't have permission to go to heaven with their heads severed. Or have them eaten by pigs.

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I read on /r/europe that there is no problem at all. We are just ignorant racists. I am at the point now where I don't care, I want to see Europeans suffer (except for those few on the right). Go for it Mussies, cause some real pain :)

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You mean the safe spacers and sponsored-content-bots have no problem at all. The healthy human beings that do care have been banned, shadowbanned, or have come here.

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Very myopic, but yes, as quality of life decreases, things will start changing.

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I love the wording in all these articles. The men were "southern' an "ethnic gang"

But yeah things are so crazy right now.

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Trash people.

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I actually saw the anti-rape notices in arabic while I was over there. Surreal moment.

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