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This is why the 2nd amendment needs to be protected. There are organizations out there who are trying to create the same situation here in the US.

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Funny how this shit tends to happen most often in liberal EU countries, and not in gun-toting America, isn't it.

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Yeah, this never happens in the USA.


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This is why the 2nd amendment needs to be protected.

This is specifically why the left is actively attacking the Second Amendment. An established human right for all United States citizens. If you can't protect yourself you have only one recourse for protection - a police state. The only possible response to more crime is more police. The more resistance against the state means the more rights must be restricted. It's a death spiral.

You show me anyone who doesn't support the Second Amendment as written and defined by our Founders and I'll show you someone who is dumb, ignorant, and/or evil. There is no gray here.

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too bad we already have a police state.

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Here here!!!

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People without guns are fucking stupid, or European.

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2nd Amendment is to protect the first Amendment. When they come for the first, they'll come for the second. We gotta fight to protect our rights.

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They usually go for the second first tho that they can take the first, like most competitions.

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When I cook bacon, I lay it out on the plate so it spells Allah. When I'm real hungry, it spells Mohammad.

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My friend sometimes grows few pigs for food. One year he named two as halal and kosher.

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You could also spell Yahweh, to piss off the kikes.

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What baffles me is how they legally invade another country, and expect the natives to assimilate into their own culture. Absolutely sickening. Is it really that of a issue for a moderately developed Muslim majority country to take in their own brothers?

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Dude. It's an invasion.

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@Stretched_girl called them military colonists.

I call the combatants and legal targets.

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they said it perfectly in that flick 'body of lies': it's the Universal Caliphate

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Not really. On a simple level it is, but on the grand scale? All governments are a farce, there's only a pyramid and within it a sick and twisted play.

I think 'invasion' implies it's not your ostensible government doing it to you. So it's a form of something but it's more than that. It is a genocide, a displacing, a quelling, a stagnating, stiffling, suffocating..public prolicide. Whatever, but far more sinister and complex than a simple invasion.

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Yup, media's fuckrd. A communication disruption can mean only one thing!

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Sickening = Islam.

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That's why they have to be eradicated.

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Because they dont give a fuck about culture, they need to spread their pedo religion so they can be with their flat earth moonriding goat abusing prophet.

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Well, their pedo religion is in league with that of another .. who fucking run errything. So that explains that link dunnit.

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It seems more and more as if certain people should be shot on sight.

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What gets me is what the fuck are other Danes doing while this kind of shit is happening... How could they just stand idly by? Maybe I'm a redneck because I can't just watch such things without turning violent and making someone kick my ass...

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They were likely alone or it was late. Danes are not going to standby for this (generally) in my experience.

(Source, live in Denmark)

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When is the last time you killed a nigger for raping a white woman?

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Haven't come across any niggers raping anyone yet, sorry.

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When was the last time you killed a nigger for raping a White woman? ...(smokratez is right)

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And, as usual, the Muslim assailant speed dialed a Muslim flash mob to come deliver the beat down.

Folks, if we nonMuslims don't organize our own defense mob on speed dial, this is what will be happening to us sooner or later. The best "defense mob" is, of course, a vote for a candidate/party to "remove kebab". Until we have that, get to know your neighbors and be the first to volunteer your phone number for help if needed.

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Oh, so you'd just sit there watching this happen to someone? I'd have to "make a call" that's pretty chicken-shit of you. But then, an entire plane went down because no one had the balls to jump a Muslim.

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Yes, because diving into an angry mob savagely beating two people without calling for further help is totally a smart idea.

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Then again another plane went down because ~~the air force smoked it out of existence when it quit responding~~ a group of people DID have the balls to jump some muslims

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Oh, so you'd just sit there watching this happen to someone?

Hell no! I'd be the guy using a broken bottle to sever femoral and carotid arteries. I like brawling, btw. I have the scars to prove it.

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Here's footage from Finland where one of guys like that doesn't have his mob with him and gets peppersprayed Self Defense

As I understand those guys were slinging insults and got agressive after cameras got pulled. Note how he goes straight for the woman. Finnish mainstream media instantly reported on that incident how skinheads attacked peaceful migrants and how you all are racist and should be ashamed.

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Where is it in the video? No time for all 4:55 right now.

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