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FINALLY, some good news to start the week! Hopefully Soros is next.

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Right after he pays those billions in deferred taxes.

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I had a horrible year last year. Spent too much on my house. Can I declare that on my taxes for the next 10 years?

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you mean rothschilds. you do know that soros has been working for them for over 45 years, right? he's just the strong arm of the rothschilds. a zionist knight, as it were.

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and Obama's political career financed by Soros... almost like there's a pattern emerging...

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I know with a $250,000,000 line of credit extended from Soros to Trump's son-in-law Kushner.... All the (((Goldman Sachs))) appointees..... The same motherfuckers will still be running the White House no matter what stooge they put in it.

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Yeah and that other pos sheldon adleson. Anytime now please.

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I've stared so hard at pictures of that man, willing it myself. Perhaps if we make it a group effort. I usually hate dealing with dark energy, but since Soros is dark energy personified, it equals out (it's what I tell myself, I don't want it coming back on me) I just imagine a kind of scenario, imagine it really hard while staring at pics. You gotta look into those freaky, deaky eyes and imagine.

I did this with Rockefeller last week, when I had his pic up showing my husband "Literal Dead Skin Mask". Just sayin... "Pure Coincidence" ;)

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Don't mess with the dark powers - it's very dangerous. Prayer is more powerful anyway.


Let us all pray that good people live and prosper.

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We need a sub verse dedicated to liberals who have died.

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Good news - David Rockefeller is dead.

Bad news - his clone is already 13 years old.

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'Memory transfer complete.'

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Nigger what.

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yeah rumor has it that the Illuminati themselves have been cloning themselves for awhile now.with memory transfer and everything....though is just a wacky theory for now...

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In all seriousness, this is not far off. These people are all hosts for entities of various kinds. If the body called "David Rockefeller" actually has stopped functioning and they're not just taking him out of public view permanently for some reason, whatever entities he was hosting have just moved to a new host. This is part of the reason the elite families are so obsessed with bloodlines, genetics, and cloning - something about their makeup makes them better suited for complete inhabitation by specific kinds of entities who have been in control of these families and bloodlines for at least thousands of years.

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Even the blood of babies couldn't keep this vampire alive any longer. Thank kek he didn't get to see his vision of the NWO to completion.

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He didn't last long enough to transition to a transhuman, or maybe he did and his soul is being uploaded into a machine as we speak.

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God damned tranny humans!

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There's a possibility they know how to transfer memories and personality, I'm more sceptical that they've cracked soul transfer.

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No. Trump smash.

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Here's to Soros and ilk being next on Death's list.

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Rule of threes baby.

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Daddy Bush is getting there too

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Good news for everyone!

Everyone that hates globalism, therefore, everyone that actually matters.

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Make this day a fucking holiday.

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the problem with plutocracy is eventually you run out of other people's organs.

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Billionaire my ass, he's worth trillions, probably in the 3 digit trillions.

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I don't think he's worth hundreds of trillions. That's a lot. As in on par with all the worlds debt and fiat money. The richest documented person of all time would be Marcus lissnyus crassus in Rome, who invented the fire brigade. He would stand outside peoples homes as they were burning, negotiating the price needed to have his slaves put out the fire. Estimated worth in today's money would be in the 900 trillion range, but you can't really compare with something as old as Rome. The Rockefeller fortune is actually the second largest fortune of all time, after crassus, but even with standard oil at its prime, j d Rockefeller was only worth a paltry 4 trillion, adjusting for inflation. A good amount of that has doubtless been used up, and others have grown it, and its been considerably split up. I'd say David r was probably in the 30-50 billion range at most, which puts him in the same ballpark as gates. Officially worth only about 2.8 billion, last I heard.

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Well, if you average out the Queen's land holdings which is 6.5 billion acres and multiply that by 5K dollars, you get a number north of 20 trillion in worth. That doesn't even include here paper and corporate ownings. So if Rockefeller is 2nd largest fortune of all time after crassus then he is considerably wealthier than the Queen.

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Yep. These guys hide behind bullshit. The really wealthy will never tell you they're worth trillions. It makes them look greedy (they are).

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They are prepping Bill Gates to be the "first Trillionaire" which is a laugh. The Queen of England is worth 20 trillion just in real estate holdings alone if you do the math. Trillionaires have been around for decades.

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If we can have a 5% unemployment rate, he can have 3 Billion

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