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Maddow effect

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Are they trying to break it to them gently?

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Yeah man. Gotta. Can't just dump that news on the snowflakes. They'll melt.



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Eh, the damage has already been done and the majority of libs believe it. It's also become a meme with even conservative people joking about Russian hackers. Many people believe that Russia electronically hacked voting machines and changed the votes. When you bring something up enough and the person with the megaphone (the MSM) keeps harping on it, most people will just assume it's real because why would they lie?

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There are some fucking king retards out there. Watch them scratch their furrowed brows as yet another libtard fantasy is deflated, avoid all discussion or self-reflection, and cling like grim death to the next flimsy narrative construct that drifts by.

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(((Just trust us)))

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https://archive.is/46yZZ | https://vgy.me/W7HedL.png :

Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion

'Key Democratic officials are clearly worried about the expectations that have been purposely stoked and are now trying to tamp them down. '

'Many of them have tried to signal that the beliefs the base has been led to adopt have no basis in reason or evidence. '

' And most of what the Democratic base has been fed for the last six months by their unhinged stable of media, online, and party leaders has decisively fallen into the latter category, as even their own officials are now desperately trying to warn. '

'shows to town hall meetings across the country, the overarching issue for the Democratic Party’s base since Trump’s victory has been Russia, often suffocating attention for other issues. '

'The latest official to throw cold water on the MSNBC-led circus is President Obama’s former acting CIA chief Michael Morell. '

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