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Spot on, god damnit. Fuck this shit.


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What bothers me about the fake medical degrees is that I know a Chinese guy with a legit doctorate recognized by a dozen other countries who even passed our board exam. The guy has 12 years of schooling and residency training yet the only job our country allowed him to have is teaching biology in university.


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I bet he can hardly speak English, and his students despair every time they have to listen to one of his lectures because they can't make out what he is trying to say. I've had several teachers from India that couldn't speak English well enough for students to even understand them. I don't care how bright they may be, if they can't speak clear English they shouldn't be teaching.


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He could go to any of those other countries if he wanted to...


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To be fair teaching biology in university should make okay money and not be nearly as stressful or long hours as anything in the real medical field.


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a Chinese guy with a legit doctorate recognized by a dozen other countries.

Who cares? it's not recognized by ours. Now passing boards? Eh...That's kind of a valid point but do you think anyone who passes boards should be allowed to practice medicine then? I don't necessarily agree.

What was the school he had a degree from where did he does his residency that it was not recognized by our country? That's the question.


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Ah egalitarianism will fall, just like communism did. I almost wish it happens in my lifetime.


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An egalitarian would be in favor of literacy tests. This isn't egalitarianism. This is blatant racism. This is saying brown and black people can't hack it in our society, so they need extra help. An actual egalitarian would say any teacher should, at the very least, be able to read and write well enough that they can grade and students can understand the course material.


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Our mother's told us we could become anything we want, so god damn it that is what we are going to do even if it means removing all standards.