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Can't wait for Geert to STOP ISLAM. Fuck the EU. Fuck the Turks. Fuck islam and Fuck any SJW who is complicit in the rape of our daughters and mothers.



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A bunch of people who think of themselves as Turks rioting on behalf of Turkey while living in a country they think is their enemy. How can anyone still pretend that this is in any way positive multiculturalism? It's just having traitorous foreign nationals in your borders, and the only reason the violence isn't worse is because they don't have the weapons or numbers yet.


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you can add that cucked france decided to allow their shit meeting to happen in city of metz


netherlands and germany will appreciate


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Just to give some insight; Turks have been in NL for a long time. Imported (by companies for cheap labour) in de 80s to do shit jobs. They did okay in comparison to other imported nationalities. Started their own small companies. But when In large numbers.. or any day.. they will ALWAYS choose their Turk/Arab/Sand bro over any local


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Wait until the Turks kick off in Germany, they've got a shitload.


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This is all exposing the TRUTH about Islam and Turkey. That is something that will lead to a resurgence of patriotism and an understanding that Europe has no place for Islamic values or Turkish threats.


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Oh shit i miss Holland in twisted metal 2 it was so beautiful even though i set half of fucking Holland on fire oh well know we can set refugees on fire and teach them self immolation or whatever it is so they can set them selfs on fire.


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"Behavior against a woman minister can never be allowed"

What, so if it was a man it'd be totally acceptable? See, feminists? We can play this game too.