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I was at Andrews when Obama was at Andrews. We obviously had a secret meeting...

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I've never met the President, but his/their limo has driven through my neighborhood on several occasions.

Give me a fucking break.

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I was in Los Angeles the same time Obama was. We totally had lunch.

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You folks are getting really desperate eh? lmao

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Damn, you got it. The US in going to become allies with Russian like in WW1 and WW2. Hopefully these 2 great countries can work something out (not easy). Both countries have a common enemy. Germans always got to start their shit shit with the Ottomans(Iran) for world rule.

I rather Trump work with the Russians than the Saudis. Really the Saudis are fucking useless, the only thing they can do is drive a Range Rover on 2 wheels with all the passengers changing seats.

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These facts do not create speculation. The author of the article attempts to create speculation. It only succeeded in making them look bad.

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https://archive.is/j1X3z | https://vgy.me/BseA75.png :

Why was Russian oligarch's luxury plane in Charlotte before the November election? | The Charlotte Observer

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