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Let Trump know. He should let USA accept those refugees, then everyone will stfu about Trump "not accepting refugees".

I'm serious let Trump know. Tell him over twitter, tell his cabinet over facebook. I tried contacting him over twitter for other things, but I think Twitter blocks my messages due to not having enough followers.

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[–] Jixijenga 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Out of every single president we've had since the mid-20th century, Trump has been consistently listening to whatever big thing his core group of supporters are chattering about.

You cannot say that about anyone else, if enough people are shouting about it he will tweet about it and even though I'm not a Trump supporter myself I said I'd be willing to give him a chance. Yeah he's been a bit hit or miss on a lot of stuff, but he's actually delivering on election promises or at least making a tangible effort toward them.

Sadly though you have a point, but not in the way you thought: if the clamoring doesn't suit Twitter's agenda they will suppress it. Tweeting at the president might not work out so well if they just shove it aside.


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he is called worthlesshope for a reason.