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but I am anti-autocracy

Why? Do you believe that a multitude of people is better suited to leadership? If so, why? You wouldn't want a committee piloting your plane, or commanding the crew on a ship, or commanding troops on the battlefield. All of the greatest leaders throughout history were autocrats, or as close to it as possible.

The strongest and the best should lead, not the most popular. And above all, they should all follow a hierarchical structure of command.


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It sounds like you might be in the wrong country. America was founded on democracy for a reason. While you might like this leader, there's no guarantee you'll like the next one. It's not about a romanticized heroic leader. It's more about corruption and rampant abuse of centralized power.


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The greatest president in the history of the USA was the man who killed the banks, Andrew Jackson. He was the closest thing to an autocrat this country had. Straight up ran the country as a king.

What's the difference between having 1 corrupt leader versus 100 corrupt leaders? It's easier to remove 1.