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The polls are used to manipulate voters and only to manipulate voters. If you think your candidate is way ahead you might decide to stay home and not vote, if you think your candidate is way behind you might decide to stay home and not vote, etc. People smarter than me study the mindset of the populace and can swing polls to move that mindset. Polls are an agent of control.


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Although, in america the polls were rigged for hillary... Like, 99% for hillary.

Don't worry about voters in france, most le pen voters are young and the demographic for other candidates don't "waste time" voting.

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I think that positive polls get more people to vote for that candidate, simply because people like to support a winner.

I also think that bill's wife was just that bad that cheating wasn't even enough to push her ahead.

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Doubt that the French are on here by any great amount. Maybe the MSM has learned their lesson tho, put the candidate you want to lose ahead in the polls because the people don't trust you anymore...

Or it could end up blowing up in their face, seems they are on one hell of a losing streak. Brexit, Trump... fuck we gotta get the French election right otherwise we are shit outta credibility, more so!

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Why is this flagged NSFW?

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prolly cause its a website posting these, ergo, looking for more web traffic. By posting as nsfw, a lot will just click on the post seeing that flag. A form of clickbait if you will.

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Here's the rub: if she loses in the second round expect a media tsunami about how the French rejected her. Doesn't matter how tight the race was, or how many wacky hi jinks had to go down, there'll be a narrative.

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I do hope she wins, but it seems VERY unrealistic to happen though. Yes she will win the first one, but she would lose against pretty much any opponent on the second vote. Like now the socialists etc will vote for the conservative candidate in the second vote just to stop her, and if her opponent would had been a socialist the conservatives would vote for the socialists in order to keep her out of the presidency.

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Presidential election: two rounds. First round, if no one gets >=50%, the election enters second round, where the two leaders from the first round compete against each other. Simple as that.

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I'm swedish so I'm not completely sure but I'm quite confident it's something like this

First they vote for any candidate they like. Like there may be 10 people with high percentages of the vote. For example Marine 30%, Fillon 25%, some socialist xir 20%, liberal 15%, other 10%.

The two with most goes to the second round. Marine and Fillion is the only candidates they are allowed to vote for. Most people will vote against Marine whatever else party they may come from, she might get like 35-40% and fillon wins the presidency.

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Sweet mother of god, I hope so.

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The question is will the others conspire against her.

Two quick numbers to look at:

That's 17% odds for a straight loss.
40% odds for a win.
43% odds for a stolen election.

That makes stolen the most likely outcome.

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I hope their polls aren't like ours. If they are, being ahead could be the worst thing to happen to her.

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So is the logic to show the opposite of Brexit and Trump in the polls and then the opposite will happen in the vote?

That's a dangerous game.