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I grew up in the city. I am white and went to school as a minority with about 1:5 people being white. I am very far from a racist person, and one of my best friend who is black actually just left my house after hanging out for a few hours. I have dated black women and interracial women. The black friends I have and black women I have dated through my life have ALL been saying this for years. This is extremely well known to people who grew up in the cities and went outside their bubbles.

Extreme racism is the reason why here in Philadelphia, if you drive into a ghetto and are white, the police will pull you over. They will assume you are either lost, or there to buy drugs. They pull you over to ask if you know, and understand where you are. They will make sure you understand you are taking a major risk in certain sections if you drive down the side streets. They will even give you an escort out of the bad areas back to where you were trying to go since many bad sections are big enough to get lost in, especially with the one way streets. Us locals call that part of our city "Down the Way", its also been refereed to as the badlands by the news.

The reason? If you're white and drive down the wrong street you will literally be ripped out of your car and robbed. It will NOT be on the local news, no one will hear about it, and people will pretend it does not exist. Violence against whites is extremely prevalent. Most white people here know where they cannot go though, which keeps the attacks down. This statement from this woman is not even questionable, its a fact that unfortunately many people in rural America do not know.

I have been seeing a change a little bit recently, but I dont know what to make of it. Since we are a sanctuary city, the Mexicans have been moving into the poorest areas since you can rent an entire house for $250-$300 per month with 4 bedrooms. They have been being targeted for robberies a lot too because the people who grew up there know that Mexicans primarily deal in all CASH. Not sure whats going to happen in the long run, but we have problems in our cities most do NOT acknowledge even exist. Its nice to hear Trump say he will target these areas. Black Panthers openly spew hate speech through speaker systems on corners same as what you would expect a KKK rally or Nazi rally to sound like, and NO ONE does anything. They think it is racist to speak up against ANY person who is not white. It stops us from making progress, and keeps things the same.

I am really hoping to see things change for the better. Fortunately, I live in a nice part of Philadelphia. I am NOT rich, I am not poor, I am just a normal hard working blue collar guy who owns his own home, business, and hope my kids will have it better in school than I did.

I know EXACTLY what this woman means, because interracial people in the bad sections have it EXTREMELY hard. They arent "black enough". They have white in them. They are called derogatory names, and every ethnic slur you can think of are commonly and openly thrown at them. A woman I dated who was black/white/American Indian had it extremely hard growing up fighting all the time because of the color of her skin. The nicest people to her in life have been white. She is now a Doctor from Cornell with her degree in Molecular Biology and study's cancerous cells of the liver. People REALLY need to start talking about this in the open more.

This entire "white privilege" argument that's now often used to shut down white people by saying they cant possibly understand is a crock of shit.


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Very good response. Thank you.