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If it's against his religion to see her hair, let him wear a blindfold!

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That or just let his goat raping ass stay in the desert.

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Let's see how well the self absorbed Muslim fucks like being told to accept French culture.

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Fuck lebanon grand mufti

That free loader and his hordes of retards invaded lebanon because christian lebanese made the error to be compassionate toward them



The number of Christians in Lebanon has been disputed for many years. There has been no official census in Lebanon since 1932. "In 1926, when the newly independent Lebanon conducted its first census, Christians accounted for 84 percent of the population."[13] However, "by 1932, when the last census was done, they were 51.2 percent. They were still half the country by mid-century, but by 1985, only a quarter of all Lebanese were Christians."[13] Many argue over the percentage and population of Christians in Lebanon. One estimate of the Christian share of Lebanon's population as of 2012 is 40.5%.[14] Therefore, the country has the largest percentage of Christians of all the Middle Eastern nations.

Fuck the grand piss of shit mufti

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Time to get with the pogrom.

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OP is a thegoldwater.com spammer so far. Account less than 2 days old, only posts to that site.

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It's not like he's hiding it.. His username is "thegoldwater" and his bio is "US News Website That Focuses On Politics"

Is that against site rules? If it is, then yeah it's an issue, and you should use the "report" button... If not, then it's kind of irrelevant, no?

If you created the NeedleStack blog and posted interesting and relevant links, is that an issue?

In my view, there's a difference between "spamming" boner pills or off-topic links vs topical submissions from your own blog. Maybe the community disagrees with me.

How is this different than someone posting OC memes or comics?

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Marry me.

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Grand Mufti

Sounds somewhat like a grand smurf.

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lets test this theory and see it he turns to gold when melted down

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