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Great write up, saved for shares


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Thanks! Best I can say is to click on ALL those hyperlinks I included as well. The individual stories alone are worth citing fairly often. If there wasn't a 10k character limit I could have put in more. LOL! The evidence contradicting the MSM is everywhere, its connecting the dots that makes it work.

I could have typed up this much just relating to Seth Rich. He was scheduled to meet the FBI about voter fraud the day he was shot if I remember correctly, and had access to the entire DNC voter rolls. He played a huge role in the technology used regarding voters specifically, and was reportedly a Sanders Supporter. He worked on the "Voter Expansion" project, and was a Data Analyst. Basically, one of the few IT people well versed enough to go over huge amounts of data the Democrats would have in one place, and someone who easily could have dumped large amounts of data onto any personal devices he owned to leak them without being caught. If what he had is the type of information Julian Assange insinuated, than there is no doubt why he was killed in a 'botched robbery', where nothing was stolen. Most likely, someon leaked to HRC's team about him. You cannot forget about her friends in the FBI and DOJ at the time who could have easily said that someone from her staff had uncovered a huge plan to rig elections. It would have angered him I bet more than the average person since he was a Sanders supporter who watched him get screwed by his own people.

Seth Rich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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https://archive.is/palvQ :

‘That’s how dictators get started’: McCain criticizes Trump for calling media ‘the enemy’ - The Washington Post

https://archive.is/36lYN :

Russian hacking bigger threat than terror says John McCain | Daily Mail Online

https://archive.is/U3DZm :

Could non-citizens decide the November election? - The Washington Post

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