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So here is the full section of the interview pertaining to MILO's controversial comments. Decide for yourselves what to make of it. Whether you like the guy or not. Is he a pedo? Or are the Libtards trying to dig up dirt to destroy him so they can keep the homophobic label stuck to Conservatives?

Remember, the guy is talking about being abused as a teen by a priest at his school. Seems he tries to rationalize the actions of the priest by saying he "sought out adults to have sex with", and doesn't see himself as a victim. It is what led into the rest of the conversation though. Im honestly surprised no one made a sound byte out of this a long time ago.

I suggest watching the entire thing for context, but for those of you impatient, you can start playing right around the 6 min mark. You will miss part of how the conversation went that way though.


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Thank you for this!

Nice to have the actual video and make our own decision instead of dragging through stupid comment sections of "No, YOU'RE the shill!"


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Shame what happened to him. Just shameless character assassination from the MSM. No one is stupid, we know where this bullshit came from. This is the kind of shit that ruins people's lives and careers all because they do not agree with what someone says. So they piece together a bunch of shit out of context to try and make him appear like a pedophile.

One thing conservatives have been weak against for decades is being accused of racism, pedophilia, bigotry, and many other things. When the Libtard media start throwing around accusations like that they get the conservatives to shut up and run away like someone yelling fire in a movie theater. They have no intelligent counter argument, so they piece together a bunch of shit, then hold onto it until just the right time. Ironic considering the Democrats fought the 13th amendment, and the civil rights movement. They fought EVERYTHING that could help minorities until they switched tactics to strait up pandering.

Conservatives have never played the game back. Never have stooped to their level. I think that's about to come to an end. The amount of shit out there on multiple MSM personalities is building into a mountain way more damaging than any Milo stuff. Between wikileaks emails, blatant censorship of guests on their networks, twisting facts, cutting feeds, attacking POTUS before he took office, and not reporting corrections to stories that turn out to be false, its time they have some video compilations put together for them.