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Could this be evidence of a mole hunt within the Trump administration? Internally distributing a bullshit story with minor differences, to track down who's leaking information?

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That was the first thing I was thinking. Remember about #MediaLiesAgain? Could this be a part of that?

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It very well could be a canary trap, and a litmus test of the media all in one. The other possibility, is that someone opposing Trump is generating fiction, and the media is too gullible to publish it without verifying it.

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Guess its both a mole-hunt plus discrediting media. What was leaked was a draft, so there could be numerous versions of it. 10 different ones for 10 staff-members, see which one gets there. Aka is it 90k, 80k or what?.

And AP fell for it, which is a plus as well in terms of saying fake news.

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That's a theory that's been floating around lately. Thomas Wictor wrote a good piece on it. Archive here, since his site has had problems with the traffic.

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well I would hpe so...he cant only governors can.

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This IS the fake news story! It's been going wild on 4chan. Call out the media for broadcasting news without fact checking! #medialiesagain

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Yep, even if it's fake news it still strikes fear into the hearts of illegals and progressives alike.

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AP is publishing this unsubstantiated bullshit? Jesus fuck. How quickly the giants fall...

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This. Can't believe what I'm seeing. We're watching serious journalism die in real time... Incredible.

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They didn't fall, they've always been like this. It's just that it's painfully obvious, now.

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Confirmed...fake news.

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Rumor is this is a false leak to catch the leakers. I bet people are running scared.

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FUCKING FAKE STORY!!!! Keep it up MSM you keep proving President Trump correct.

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Trump is like that drunk friend of yours down by the river who says "Hold my beer," except instead of having to call search and rescue he makes the 20' jump to the other side while wearing a clown hat.

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Another MSM fake news story.

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