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The idea of giving a small number of people the idea of deciding what's true or not, no matter who those people are, is scary enough. Even scarier is that Snopes has no more information or expertise than anyone else in the matters they are deciding are true or not. They take their opinions, find a few articles that support it, and post them as facts. That sounds pretty much like what people on Voat/Reddit do.

I don't care much about the personal lives of the founders; if they want to steal money to have kinky sex, fine, that's something for the courts to decide. It wouldn't matter if the people behind it were the smartest, most upstanding citizens in search of the truth. The idea of giving a small number of (mostly anonymous) people the ability to tell millions what's true or not is chilling, no matter who's behind it.

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this, the sensational title takes away from the fact of the matter. a small group should not have some monopoly on what is and is not true. it doesn't matter what small group is in power, the problem is that those in power are a small group. we need to find some way to get under the tyranny of the masses while at the same time protecting the rights of the minority so that it isn't a tyranny. focusing on anything else is stupid.

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just use Facebook Purity to block the trending news feed

And yes, I know you can just not use facebook at all.

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Just goes to show how depite their claims of righteousness its all just opertunistic selfishness.

Guy makes six figures but cannot afford a hooker and Domme on his own dime?

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hey come, controlling the minds of millions is hard work.. man has to unwind somehow... LMAO

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Ha. Someone let the cat out that hat too soon that this guy was compromised. Now how are they going to whitewash the narrative?

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The tin foil hats on the conspiracy forum might suggest that the now inconvenient might experience a suddenly convenient heart attack, left handed "suicide", oddly inexperienced taxi driver... but nobody really does those things in real life. Of course.