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I am 56 and never really followed politics but not only did I watch but I cheered out loud.... Fake Fake News.

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If not for the internet, we'd still be eating up fake news.

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which is why congress keeps trying to push for strict internet restrictions. we need to stay vigilant every time the sopa type bills come up.

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I'm looking forward to regular installments of Beat the Press.

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The BBC guy had his ass handed to him as well.

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He did well. It was a good press conference. His press jabs are epic.

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Yes, i was listening to this press conference on the radio, my f'kin sides man.

Trump is like a mirror, if you stand in front of him and show your ugly face, he'll make the same face back. You approach him with respect and you get respect in return.

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You know, I was swayed into not voting for him (voted third party) but damn it if he doesn't have my vote next time.

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Like many of us. Im glad you are here and see the light

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I had to watch in with subtitles what was the question the Israely Jew asked him? Then he went off. They didn't have subtitle for the reporters questions only the Presidents answers. It was like watching a 8th grade class argue with the teacher. I love the crickets when he brought up Hillary and the debate it was like all the reporters eyes glazed over and went into buffering mode.

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The reporter acknowledged that Trump himself was not antisemitic and he said basically none of the Israeli's he knows thought that Trump was antisemitic, but still he wanted to know what Trump and his team would do about the rise in antisemitic sentiment throughout the country.

A follow up on this question prompted Trump to tell the media about the countless false flags that happened throughout the election.

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Thank you for putting that into context that makes it a lot clearer.

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The lack of mic's for the questions was purposefully done to elicit the very effect you've described. It's brilliant.

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It truly was fabulous. I was hoping he'd call them out for being the mouthpiece of the "Deep State" (a la Operation Mockingbird) but we can't have everything. :)

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Well, it's only the beginning. It's not even a month of his presidency yet

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fuck, I missed it. I'll have to look it up. CNN want to be able to talk complete shit and still be respected. Its the Liberal mindset, completely entitled and take zero responsibility for their own stupidity.

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Oh my fuck, boys. Slayed.

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bbc....just like cnn

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Yeah remember when they tried to tell us READING Podesta's emails is a CRIME. Hacking yes - reading no. Or when they called Jullian Assange a PEDOPHILE, for the trumped up rape chages of legal women.

Fuck Very Fake News.

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CNN also stated it was illegal (Federally) not to carry identification on you, and that you needed to furnish it to law enforcement upon request. What a load of shit. If you're driving you need to be able to provide proof of license, along with similar instances, but that is all.

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You can see it on utube.My sister who is in Iceland today emailed me saying "You better be watching Trump right now."

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Pres Trump to CNN reporter: "Ask Jeff Zucker (pres of CNN) HOW he got his job?" Hey Voat - sounded like a tip about corruption/ collusion. Do we know any more about this?

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I think that was a harmless quip about the fact that Zucker was president of NBC at the time Trump was contracted for The Apprentice. Basically suggesting that Trump played a role in Zucker's professional success.

I could be wrong, and there could be more to it... but I think that was just another "stream-of-consciousness" razz at CNN's leadership, letting the reporter know that Trump knows how their bread gets buttered.

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Good observation. Thank you.

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This is a good question.

Trump does stuff like that all the time.

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