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Why doesn't someone fly an airplane into the next meeting? Sure, youll die. But, you'll be a hero, probably forever. Remember the guy that flew into the tax office in tx?


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Ideally, what you want to achieve, "the supreme", IMO, is to turn the given organization against itself

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Which they managed to achieve to great extent within western societies


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Yeah I hear you, it's "tempting"

Quick and easy, poof it's gone

But, yeah, while it would probably provide somekind of relief... To some, I'm not convinced it would really change anything

Take microsoft, or better, the US army

Let's say the entire groups of top and mid level deciders get killed in a plane crash the same day

Would it be the end of microsoft / the US army ?

Sure it would destabilize the organization for a little while, but it might very well also give them opportunities they would never have dreamt of before


What has the tax office bomber achieved ?

Resurrecting "dangerous right wing are at it again" narrative in the MSM aside ?


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Thinking of this practically, i would assume that running Greece's fucked up fiances is something like taking over any other bankrupt business. You have to send someone in to evaluate and see what the business is capable of producing, then you support that sort of industry while discouraging nonproductive endeavors. So, cheese and olives? Sheep? Just make it self sustaining and leave it alone like Spain? Whaddaya do with a Greece? Then its assigned to the right department. Life goes on. Enjoy your tapas. In that hazy ideal world which seems to recede further and further into the distance..