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The article starts of with:

she was caught using a fake Social Security number during a raid in 2008 at a water park where she worked

It then outlines the laws Obama set up:

The Obama administration made a priority of deporting people who were deemed a threat to public or national safety, had ties to criminal gangs, or had committed serious felony offenses or a series of misdemeanor crimes

and immediately says that "Ms. Rayos did not fit any of these criteria." It acknowledges that both her, and her husband are undocumented, and her children go on to say that:

The only crime my mother committed was to go to work to give a better life for her children

But, all the while, we gelaned over the fact that identity theft is a major felony...

Interesting spin on things, NYT.


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She left Mexico 21 years ago, and has taken no action to become a citizen? Fuck her.


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https://archive.is/8ZaHd | https://vgy.me/mnOLbj.png :

She Showed Up Yearly to Meet Immigration Agents. Now They’re Deporting Her. - The New York Times

'Arpaio at the height of his pursuit of undocumented immigrants. '

'The raid was one of the first ordered by Joe Arpaio, who was sheriff at the time, under an Arizona law authorizing sanctions against employers who knowingly hired undocumented immigrants. '

'Rayos might be the first undocumented immigrant to be arrested during a scheduled meeting with immigration officials since Mr. '

'A vehicle had just left the building under police escort, and he said he suspected she may have been inside. '

'She spent three months in a county jail, followed by three months in immigration detention, she told a reporter. '

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