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Have any SJW-ish internet commentators been affected? Because I have an interesting theory brewing within me that I need to post to /v/conspiracy some time about the true origin and nature of that 'movement'.


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This really isn't an sjw thing. Its a how dare you say mean things about a judge thing; we'll make sure you know your place.


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The interests seem kind of oddly aligned though...

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Sally I don't think so (I'll leave that typo there for comedic effect), most people seem to have switched off to the subject and don't seem to realise the greater danger of a movement like this.

Remember when Zeitgeist and other similar documentaries started coming out and the internet was abuzz with it? There was definitely revolution in the air, it felt like people were waking up in the masses and I think it's reasonable to assume that some powerful people felt a bit threatened by the culture of the internet at that point.

I find it a little convenient that it's all suddenly just dead and gone now and has been replaced by a bunch of nutjobs that convince the people to turn on the people and has us all fighting amongst ourselves again while ignoring the bigger picture. The SJWs seem to be too dense to see that they are doing god's work for the government and anyone else that corrupts humanity. What's better then a flock of sheep that want to censor themselves?

I'm not saying that this is certain but I think that it's very very possible that the SJW 'movement' is the result of social engineering sponsored by those who pull the strings.