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Fuck the ACLU. They know the uneducated leftist anarchists are going to try to kill/burn/destroy something or someone and don't want any evidence to convict those worthless motherfuckers.

What's funny is all of the public outcry from the activists that "WE NEED MORE BODY CAMZ!!!!" but when you're sitting in a courtroom, the first thing the lawyers try to do is to throw out the body cam evidence because it guarantees a conviction most of the time.



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The ACLU is a Jewish lobbyist group. That's why this was downvoted. Can't talk about Jews . You should know better Goyim. Respect the Chosen people of God. You're just a Gentile. Let the ACLU do what they want. They are God's people. You are just cattle. The Talmud is very clear on this. We wrote a book that says we own everybody through divine right. Respect your masters.


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Although we at the ACLU generally take a dim view of the proliferation of surveillance cameras in American life, police on-body cameras are different because of their potential to serve as a check against the abuse of power by police officers. Historically, there was no documentary evidence of most encounters between police officers and the public, and due to the volatile nature of those encounters, this often resulted in radically divergent accounts of incidents. Cameras have the potential to be a win-win, helping protect the public against police misconduct, and at the same time helping protect police against false accusations of abuse. We're against pervasive government surveillance, but when cameras primarily serve the function of allowing public monitoring of the government instead of the other way around, we generally support their use. While we have opposed government video surveillance of public places, for example, we have supported the installation of video cameras on police car dashboards, in prisons, and during interrogations.

Funny, they were preaching something else a couple years ago. source link


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It's a Jewish lobbyist group. They're Zionists and take orders from Israel. Why is Israel allowed to tell American police what to do?

Look up the ACLU and you'll see how they're a Zionist organization and Zionists take orders from Israel.

Zionists are basically Israeli government workers.


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I could tell from their hypocrisy that their jewing had intensified.


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Prove it because this says otherwise.

Support and opposition: The ACLU is supported by a variety of persons and organizations. There were over 500,000 members in 2011, and the ACLU annually receives thousands of grants from hundreds of charitable foundations. Allies of the ACLU in legal actions have included the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the American Jewish Congress, People For the American Way, the National Rifle Association, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the National Organization for Women.

The ACLU has been criticized by liberals, such as when it excluded Communists from its leadership ranks, when it defended Neo-Nazis, when it declined to defend Paul Robeson, or when it opposed the passage of the National Labor Relations Act. Conversely, it has been criticized by conservatives, such as when it argued against official prayer in public schools, or when it opposed the Patriot Act. The ACLU has supported conservative figures such as Rush Limbaugh, George Wallace, Henry Ford, and Oliver North; and it has supported liberal figures such as Dick Gregory, Rockwell Kent, and Dr. Benjamin Spock

Prove it up so we can know without a doubt.


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Socialism unmasked: rules for thee but not for me.


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ACLU is irrelevant

Like many others it looks great and good, but when you start digging you see how partisan and completely off they went overtime


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I stopped donating to them this year.


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It's sad to note the ALCU once did good for ordinary people. But now they've become nothing more than leftist agitators.


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They know the anarchists and nig-nogs will be out in force being stupid fucks, and body cams will disrupt the narrative that they are "put upon poor peoplez"... instead, it will show what we already know -- that libtards and fucking dumb nig-nogs are the cause of most bullshit during this fucking election cycle.

Get them on video, and fucking put them away... fuck the ACLU.


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The entire city is being monitored by street cams anyway. Turning off body cams for a little while won't protect their "privacy" while acting like idiots in the public streets.

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