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This is all part of the attempted genocide of the German people.

What a horror show. Leftism? Cultural Marxism/ Cultural Relativism? Moral bankruptcy?

The people who developed the technology that now feeds the entire planet have been reduced to selling their own daughters to appease Muslim migrants.

The best of humanity are being conned into performing as willing sex slaves to the worst of humanity. There are no words adequate to describing this betrayal, this masochism.

Also check out:


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That's a fucking new low

She should be sued, on what ground idk, just imagine the impact of this news on muztardia

Now they'll run to germany to get free blowjobs


Bring back the cross, either jesus or hitler but fill that insane cultural/moral gap with something coherent

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It didn't have to come to crosses or ovens, but it did.

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But it hasn't happened yet.

Agree that it's disturbing.

Don't forget that before the German election, there will be the French one.

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The article is talking about OAPs and disabled people, who are unlikely to be reproducing anyhow.

Still a waste of government money though.

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Oh but you KNOW how such a law would be used, though. Hah.

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Oh, that is just the window dressing, the "back door", to get some sick virtue out of the proposal: We are doing it for the disabled and old!!!!

But once passed then it would be obvious that this was for the Muslim rapefugees.

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I just booked a flight on Lufthansa for a little medical tourism.

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No, it would only be for certain approved groups.

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the jews

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https://archive.is/oDMn1 :

German Green Party plans to pay for people to have sex with prostitutes in new scheme | Daily Mail Online

'Sex with prostitutes will be paid for by the Government for anyone too poor for a hooker and deemed to need sexual assistance under German Green Party plans. ', "But Professor Wilhelm Frieling-Sonnenberg, a medical care specialist, said the idea is 'contemptuous towards human dignity, a way to placate troublesome patients'.", "There are brothels in virtually every town and a trend recently began with working girls offering 'sexual assistance' to dementia sufferers, the handicapped and people living in care homes.", "The party's care spokeswoman Elisabeth Scharfenberg says doctors should have the right to issue the free prescriptions to their patients for ladies of the night."

'Prostitution is legal in Germany and carries little of the taboos associated with it in many other countries. '

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So the girls in the Green Party will be having sex with Arabs? Or will it be up to some other women to do the dirty work? I think we know the answer.

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This is because they think that non-White people are subhuman animals incapable of controlling their base desires. If you confront them with this fact they will deny it, but then they didn't offer this before the non-White hoards flooded into Europe and it isn't on offer to Europeans. This demonstrates the left's desire to Whore White women out to non-Whites. If you the whores were non-White they would say it was racist.

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Doctor prescribed pussy LOL... how would the clinics know who to rape first?

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Hell yeah I need some but I see hookers as Untermenschen and I am on the autistic side when it comes to social interactions, so you better pay me some first class luxury hooker 1,5k a pop.


This is one step closer to genocide of European people, now you can go full "mediacl marihuana" basicallly make up some shit that will get you laid if porn doesnt cut it anymore and why have any ambition to date and maybe start a family at all.


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Maybe the idea is to let the migrants fuck the nastiest of the whores (cause the quality ones ain't gonna do it) until they are too old to start families. This will break the reproductive cycle of the migrants and they'll die off.

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It might be a side effect, but I don't think that's the train of thoughts that brought the idea

I rather believe it's just yet another narcissist move from the left, another end result of a "look how open/generous/intellectually sophisticated/progressive I am" piss based contest

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WWWHHHAAATTTT......!!!!!! Un fucking believeable... Now I think Prostitution should be legalized and regulated and taxed like most things but not a socialized service!

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