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let's not rush into conclusions. there is absolutely no indicationthat the attacker was a muslim

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"Allahu Akbar" translates, in colloquial terms, to "my motives remain mysterious." - CNN

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"Allahu Akbar" translates, in colloquial terms, to "my motives remain mysterious." - CNN

Shitlord status achieved. Praise Kek.

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Yet in every other language it translates to 'take cover!'

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He was a local guy with psychological issues, just said it but has zero relationship with anything muslim or terrorist. Just a nutjob.

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Exactly! Didn't you know that they use "Allahu Akbar" the same way we use "God bless you?" Someone probably sneezed and this innocent man who had been legally transporting a firearm (he was probably a police officer who was on his way to receive an award for rescuing a native British kindergarten class from a burning school) enthusiastically shouted "Allahu Akbar" in response. This was misinterpreted by a racist right-wing fascist Nazi Brexit supporter, who racially profiled the Arab and started stabbing him. The innocent Arab had to use his gun to defend himself. The Nazi is still at large and is wanted for the crime.

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He was just shouting "aloha snackbars". Obviously it's the diabolical work of Hawaiian diabetics.

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Agreed, we cannot jump to the conclusion that it is Islamic messaging being spread in the form of a terror attack.

/s (for those who are oblivious)

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Well, he actually wasn't anything related to terror attack. He was a known neighbor with psychological issues. He also talked in Basqe, which is the language of the Basque terrorists, so you can see he was just getting the best of each. Seriously.


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"Clearly, he was upset over a YouTube video." - Hillary CLInton

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you win the internet for today

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It's an isolated incedent, do not generalize!

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No known motive.

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Workplace violence /s

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He attacked because of a YouTube video. /s

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I wonder what this could be about?

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Yet another lone wolf. /s

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From the comments:


This is a perversion of Islam. We must not tar all muslims with the same brush.

Can't tell if he's just trolling.

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must be.

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Let's hope.

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I would be surprised if they had used "Jehovah is great " instead.

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He said Jehovah, get him!

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You said it as well! BLASPHEMY!

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