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Yeah that was CNN (not bf) and they got BTFO

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Justice Boner

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That was my favorite moment of he press conference. He destroyed Jim Acosta. CNN immediately released their butthurt response claiming that they only report facts and truth.

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You can believe it only after they deny it. Yep, they report fake news. This is going much faster than I suspected: the media train wreck is awesome!

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From today's press conference.

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That was Jim Acosta(CNN) not buzzfeed.

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What an appropriate name for a sleazy reporter.

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Ya thanks for correcting that, it's not my video and the live feed I watched didn't show the audience.

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When you straight on attack the President's (no longer elect, it WILL happen) character with your publication and it turns out to be a fabricated joke... you no longer receive credibility. And by that, it means no more questions from you, BuzzTrash.
Fucking cancer of the internet and their clickbait bullshit list of stolen content.
Get rekt, Get GAWKED.

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You should be able to criticize the president, so long as the criticisms are legitimate (and not the work of 4chan trolls).

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I agree. However, it is not the responsibility of the media to be critical but to present the facts. The problem is that our media has become nothing more than opinion outlets for those who think they matter with the sole intent to sway the opinions of the public. Every quasi news outlet fails to deliver every fact and, instead, replaced fact with opinion. This is why they fail. This is why they are losing viewership. This is why we don't trust them. They feel like they speak for everyone and can't comprehend why we don't agree so they invent "facts" and attempt to spin the narrative.

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You are entitled to ask anyone any question you wish.

In turn, they are entitled to ignore your question.

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It was CNN

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Yeah, but it started with BuzzFeed.

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Coincidently, that's CNN's new logo after it goes out of business.

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LOL Get Gawked is fucking perfect.

I hope he sues them for defamation and fucking fucks them up.

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Fuck that, I hope there are people that will sue them on behalf of Trump. Like his home city NYC.

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"That's not appropriate... That's not appropriate..." Drinking the Trump is a child kool-aid

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Meanwhile, Buzzfeed has decided to double down on the #pissgate accusations, instead of admitting they lied to the public. They have no shame.

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Holy Crap! Can't believe this.

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Since when has buzzfeed ever been a reliable news source in the first place?

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Why the hell is a meme website known for .gifs of '80s sitcoms and viral listicles all of a sudden a "news" organization? I mean, seriously. BuzzFeed is the site that gave the world the kind of bullshit Mad Lib clickbait headlines that any monkey could type. A random number of adjectival list items that will "restore your faith in humanity."

  • 87 Inconceivable Princess Bride Quotes That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  • 420 Blazin' Quotes from Famous Potheads That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  • 69 Neato Hi-Res Pics of Justin Trudeau Shirtless That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  • 666 YAAAAAAAAS QUEEN Femspirational Quotes from Hillary Clinton That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  • 1488 Fascist Quotes from Donald Trump That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

etc. etc. etc. BuzzFeed is such fake news that it's not even news.

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seven turd types that will restore your faith in humanity

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I will never get tired of watching that.

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