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Cool lawsuit, Ahmed. Wanna shove it up your ass and get the hell out of America?


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He got the hell out of America. And came back. Of course this was after he went to learn more about how to be a Muslim direct from the sources.


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He'll learn how to build real "clocks'" now.


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This is how the 2nd generation gets radicalized. They go to the middle east and are brain washed at a young age that they are part of a global jihad.


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he learned how to make real bombs

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Deus vult!


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I know all about his dad. The guy ran for President of the Sudan. His kids are obviously nothing more than political props for him. Clock Boy's sister apparently had a history of pulling this kind of crap, too.

I remember when the clock story first broke, and the family had free pizza delivered to the reporters who were camped outside Ahmed's family home. That right there screamed "PR stunt" to me. Maybe I'm just an old cynic, but the idea of his family spontaneously deciding to make a grand gesture like feeding that entire press corps seemed fishy.

"Let's show the ignorant Westerners how gracious we can be in the face of their boorish reporters."

Yeah, I'm not buying the mr nice guy routine. These people are part of the litigious front of Islamic Jihad. Just like ISIS wages war on the battlefield, these legal fighters stir up trouble on the homefront by using the laws of their host countries to silently wage war on the populace. It's a fucking psyop. Now all over America, people will think twice about reporting obviously suspicious Muslim behavior. It works, too. The San Bernadino shooters weren't reported by their neighbors, who were afraid of being seen as racist. Thanks to stories like Clock Boy, a pair of Islamic killers got a free pass to plan their murder spree.


[–] aristotle07 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

He wasn't even cuffed until the father showed up and insisted then the sister started taking pictures. It was obvious from the gitgo this was staged. I hope the judge tries to recover court costs and sanctions the fucking bullshit attorneys that took the case.


[–] aristotle07 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

The problem here is 40-50 years ago most attorneys would never have touched this case. Now we have ambulance chasers going for easy money so even these bullshit cases waste tax payer money.

Everyone should call these vermins attorney and let them know what Americans think about traitorous lawyers who sell out America for a quick payday.


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Better call Saul!