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Meanwhile, $5 billion goes to the rich nation of Israel every year, on the taxpayer dime. Fucking cancerous leeches.

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And 18 million homes stand empty on our soil.

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What about our involvement in the Middle East? That is far more.

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wasn't it like 15 billion for two years? Then there is the money from TARP which was mostly unaccounted for because of a complete lack of transparency with the Federal Reserve. They are really draining this country of money. It would be MAGA if we broke up the Massive banks, end the fed, cut off foreign aid to Israel, enforce immigration curtailment, and to no longer fund ISIS.

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Fuck the 8 zionists on this site who downvoated you. Fucking cucks.

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unfortunately i think you're spot-on.

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Ironically this happens mostly in states that are democratically controlled who tax locals supposedly to stop this type of shit. Funny how homelessness is rampant mostly in democratic controlled cities and states.

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And Meryl Streep.

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Her earrings alone could have given a bunch of people shelter.

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Unacceptable. We won't settle for her fate.

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While sad, there's usually more to these stories. If you dig through the sources you find some notes such as:

"There were a variety of lease violations that were either damage of property or late payments, also incidents against staff and other tenants,".

e.g. a variety of issues and alleged harassments.

Batts did not appear at the scheduled Oct. 14 hearing, so the court found in favor of the plaintiffs by default.

Failure to make court appearance.

Public records show a long-time struggle with permanent housing, moving frequently. She was also evicted in 1996 from the downtown affordable housing building St. James Apartments.

Apparent history of eviction(s).

On Saturday January 7, 2017, at 2:05 p.m., Central Precinct officers responded to the Smart Park parking garage, located at 730 Southwest 10th Avenue, on the report of a woman in her 50s that had been removing her clothing and appeared to be struggling in the cold weather.

It appears this behavior can be explained by late stage hypothermic nerve damage.

I'm not saying this is justified at all. A court could decide that if there's family that wishes to sue the complex. It seems to me that 20 years of events and decisions led up to this moment and situation.

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Minor point (but an interesting fact, IMO): It's not the nerve damage that causes paradoxical undressing. When extremities get cold it's because muscles around the blood vessels are constricting (vasoconstriction) to limit blood flow to them, which keeps your core warmer. If this happens for a suitably long period of time eventually the muscles will become so fatigued or energy-starved that they'll once again slacken (vasodilation). This causes a sudden rush of blood back into the extremities. To the freezing nerves the sudden rush of warm blood feels like boiling water. In their already dazed state this often causes the hypothermia victim to strip off their clothing.

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Oh look, someone with the common sense to research and not have a knee jerk reaction.

Was starting to think this place was reddit.

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It's not. Please help ensure it never will be.

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There is another whole universe of events and decisions that have led up to the widespread neglect of the mentally challenged/elderly/conspicuously vulnerable among us. There are parts of the US that take a different approach than evictions without recourse. http://www.businessinsider.com/this-state-may-be-the-first-to-end-homelessness-for-good-2015-2

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Yeah but she was 52 years old living "at a building for seniors and people with disabilities", she clearly wasn't a "senior", and given her actions it suggests her disability was related to cognitive or psychological/psychiatric impairment....

Having worked in multiple "Group Home"'s, or "Assisted Living Facilities", which is basically where she's described as spending her last many years in, I know from experience people with cognitive and psychiatric disabilities are often treated like shit.

Thing's I've seen first hand;

Group Home owners or managers stealing, using, and selling residents drugs.

Pateints allowed to lie in their own filth for extended periods of time, even though it's know the people are incapable of taking care of themselves.

A homosexual AIDS patient transferring to a Group Home I was working in and being allowed to engage in homosexual relationships with a variety of male residents, effectively spreading the disease with impunity, and no warning given to the other residents. "But HIPAA laws don't allow us to talk about resident's medical conditions to other residents..."

Rape ignored, employees having sexual relations with residents....

On & on & on.

There's little doubt the woman had behavioral issues, and that's probably why she was at where she was initially, but the vast majority of employees I've met at multiple Group Homes are monstrous on criminal levels, and are a big part of why the residents act extra psychotic.

You're correct, but as long as we're looking at her actions, we might as well look at the environment she was subject to.

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7 days late? Seems pretty harsh for an eviction. Though to be honest you have to be pretty stupid to sit out in the cold instead of finding a shelter or other place to keep warm.

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Where though?

I was homeless for a couple of months and I can tell you that people do not give a shit..

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Starbucks. Get a used coffee cup and sit down. Public library. Hotel lobbies. Find an empty office in a commercial building, or an empty classroom at a university. Use your head!!

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Shelters? I can go into my local phone book and find dozens. Not an ideal situation but still better than freezing to death because a nameless company thought pocket change was worth fucking over some one.

Otherwise? Family, friends, coworkers.

Shit I would hop from 24 hour business to 24 hour business to stay warm. Aint any one going to notice you wandering around walmart half the night. It would work long enough to get your shit straight.

Regardless I think the whole eviction is a symptom of the cold hearted attitude of being only about money businesses have, it may be a bit naive but fuck it.

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Why should people give a shit?

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In the real world it's hard to find a shelter with room. And even harder to find a safe one.

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Yea I agree, but there are other ways to stay warm.

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The Portland housing market is fucking brutal...

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Rent was due in August, she didn't get evicted til October. This woman has been on the streets for months, where the fuck are here family/friends

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They probably didnt want to deal with her, but i bet theyll sue over her.

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Meanwhile we gave IRAN 10 BILLION DOLLARS and some uranium.

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Should have given some of that uranium to this poor old lady

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Well she would be warm after she built the reactor in a trash can.

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Chump change compared to the trillions that Israeli terrorists steal from US taxpayers.

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correct me if I'm wrong, the money Iran received from the U.S. was generated from Iranian Oil reserves that the U.S. government seized when they named Iran as part of the "axis of evil" and levied sanctions against Iran.

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I believe that was the first payment... They gave them another pile of money and uranium.

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No, not WE.. Obama did that. If we ever get nuked, the Obamas are legally toast.

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She should have just illegally immigrated to Europe, she would have got a free house and loads of money to spend.

Very sad though and I wish someone could have helped her. Did they not check where she was going after they kicked her out? So awful.

Press [F] to pay respects.

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She should have just illegally immigrated to Europe, she would have got a free house and loads of money to spend.

Nope. She's not a Muslim

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You read my mind AND took the words outta my open ass vile mouth! Hell yeah!

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The only check the people who bought the flipped rigged insider traded building she lived in were interested was the ever increasing extortion racket rent check. I say that the coroner and the morgue should make them pay the burial fees or dispose of the body illegally and go to prison themselves. Life is a bitch then you die, only thing you're guaranteed in the miserable prison vessel known as the human body is DEATH and TAXES..

They wanted to own everything and everyone lock, stock, and barrel AND now they do. Let them pay for the burial. Face it, if there is no one to claim the body they are legally AND financially responsible to properly bury her and notify the public obituary. They buried her alive it seems, after all. Its only just to let them finish it.

9/10 her kids are homeless and can't be found.

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You need to tell America the race so they will know whether to care or not.

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Pretty sure you're first person to bring up race in this thread.

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I tried in get in early. I see most things as a contest of sorts.

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Worry not.

The landlord is responsible for paying all burial fees and removal as well as disposal of the human remains if her kids are homeless and can't be subpeonaed or located. They are also required to notify an obituary press and publish an ad so if her kids Google their dead mom they will be notified by the press' agency obit. Also they have to pay to keep and store all her belongings and deliver them to any heirs as well as notify them of their inheritance by law or they can be sued to hell and back. The old woman who died in that landlord's garage fought these shitlords to her grave. She stuck it to 'em the good ole fashion way.

She knew they'd have to pay more to bury her than she owed. She went out fighting the good fight, the Lord Almighty is listening to her life story now.

God rest her martyr soul!

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You sound like you have never owned a business or rental property.

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Was only aged 52. Hypothermia set in by the time anyone noticed her having any problems.

May have been an alcoholic or had mental issues from the behavioral reports.

This is why Cali and Florida are full of crazy homeless people. You're still pretty much fucked, but you're not "freeze to death in a parking garage" fucked.

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One nice thing about living somewhere where the weather will kill you if you're not dressed properly is that it tends to be pretty quiet and relaxing outside.

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Holy fuck this article reads like she is infirm and 93.

By the way, does her possibly being an alcoholic or mentally ill make her disposable or justify her death to you in the name of greed and mammon?

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"According to the Oregonian, Batts had long struggled to maintain a permanent residence, moved frequently, and was also evicted in 1996 from another affordable housing building."

They try to make her sound transient, but she lived at this building since 2007. It sounds to me like she hit some recent hard times and was punished by greedy rent-seekers.

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Not providing for a freeloader makes you greedy?

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It depends.

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Usurious market rigging and artificial insider real estate price fixing.

Rent gouging because the 1% own almost everything now. 30 years ago people owned their own homes.

Extortion rackets are why this is happening. This shit used to be fucking unheard of when the homeownership rate indicated the majority of homes in this country were owned by individuals, not investors and corporations.

If being housed in the same building since 07 is 'struggling to maintain a permanent residence' then anyone in my age group is totally fucked and 90% of millenials are transient shit.

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Welcome to Econ 1101. Grow up.

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