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Who will flip your burgers, pump your gas, wipe your mother's ass when she's too old and should be dead but isn't, pick your fruit and vegetables, kill your chickens, scrub out your toilets, handle your dry cleaning, farm your shrimp, make your shitty plastic trinkets? Who will fill your prison complex? The economy will tank without the prisons. Where those guards and parole officers and social workers and wardens and food and plumbing and laundry jobs going to go?

You need your trash, your niggers. Capitalism relies on them.

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Including every ignorant person without white skin in what should be a discussion about the poison of Islam is fallacious and stupid.

Yes. I would let my 'parents' be abused by niggers. It would delight me. That doesn't really have anything to do with the argument though.


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This is a terrible post.


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Our society needs criminals and retards to function. Our huge population cannot sustain an economy without them.
Pretty simple stuff.