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Just your everyday car accident. Doesn't everyone carry bombs around in their car?


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“Police spoke briefly with the man before he continued with treatment. Police were able to establish the man’s actions were not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated,” the statement said.

alters said the police were “confident " of this fact, but would not be drawn on how police had established this or the driver’s motivations.



I guess they found out the guy isn't a muslim to begin with, probably christian, and drunk.

He fucked up, basically.


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Wait, wait... the added quotes always makes me think I'm missing some joke... a "car bomb" "exploded"

Is this code for something?

Did a witness describe the scene whilst using air quotes?

Or does someone own a copyright on "Car Bomb" and "Explodes?"


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If this shit's hitting Australia we know it's fucked.


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What a terrible tragedy.


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You should read more than just the headlines...

ACT Policing said the van was carrying gas cylinders which were exploded at approximately 10.45pm. The vehicle was destroyed and the two-storey office building, named Eternity House, was badly damaged by fire.

He also connected the incident to the ACL's staunch opposition to same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools initiative, labelling the apparent attack "unsettling" in the context of death threats being made against members of the organisation.

"I think something of this nature, that appears to be so deliberate, is an attack against the sort of things that we've been saying in the public square," he told ABC radio.

and now you should fuck off.


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and now you should fuck off.

Will do.