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yeah i noticed, used the Google news search for Comet ping pong, EVERY article had either Fake news, False, or conspiracy in the title... also ctrl+f shows 23 results for " fake " on a single search page with just the 1st two sentences of the top articles.... insane!! i wonder if the MSM is trying to tell us something. they are about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the scrotum. this is MK KI Ultra combo Street fighter 5 level finishing moves mind control here.

heres the short hand version they are calling wikileaks fake if wikileaks is fake why is julian assange along with top level wikileaks personel dead/missing if wikileaks is fake why did CNN anchor Donna Brazil lose her job over cordinating with the clinton campaign ? certainly fake email accusations wouldn't cause someone of such prominence to lose their job ?


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LOL well yer first mistake was "googling."