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There's also the weird shit about their homes. John Podesta has a collection of "art" depicting the sexual abuse of minors. What kind of person would collect that?! I find it hard to believe that someone not into fucking kids would want it around.

Then you have the owner of that pizzeria in a picture with a child who has her hands taped down on a table, which is... very inappropriate. Or the picture of him digging a hole in the basement, with people on instagram making jokes about burying a body there.

There are so many weird things like this, so much circumstantial evidence, no sane person could look at it all and come to the conclusion that nothing was going on.


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Oh yes, all that too. And these aren't observations you've invented, they're independently verifiable and right there for anyone to see.

My point was more that calling it a "Hillary Clinton sex ring" is an obvious manipulation to poison the well for anyone who isn't already familiar with the topic.