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If they went with someone who fit the role physically there would be an uproar from the left. It is likely a comedy movie that will have a cut out "blond clueless girl learns about life" plot. So a comedian who is bigger is the obvious choice. The movie is not about body size, so her size really doesn't matter. The tweeters calling her out on being too big for the roles are just assholes. I get that there are a lot of people who feel the "fat is beautiful" agenda has gone too far, but this is not the way to express that. Have some class.


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So basically you're saying they shouldn't have made a movie that had anything at all to do with barbie because the left won't like it, and they should have hired a comedian.


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No. Barbie is a doll. The point of dolls is to play house. Barbie was not invented for the purpose of defining a body shape for women or girls.

A movie about Barbie is not a movie about a perfectly shaped woman or girl. Therfore the size of the actress who plays Barbie is irrelavent.

Point number two: I predict that a movie based on Barbie will be a comedy movie. Comedy movies are almost always lead by a comedy actor or actress. Hiring a comedian to play the lead in a comedy is the obvious choice.