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Reddit is to the left cuck.




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Left wing mediamatters.org is a propaganda outlet.


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Media Matters was founded by David Brock, boyfriend of James Alefantis the owner of Comet Ping Pong. This is literally the propaganda rag of a pedophile ring.


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yep it's a desperate attempt to try and discredit any media outlets that talk about pizzagate. It's not going to work, we know what they did.


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Yes it is


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Fox News picks up the story and gives it heavy, one-sided coverage.

lol, one-sided coverage.



Is this the kettle?


This is the pot calling, YOU'RE BLACK!


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We prefer the term "cookware of color"


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Whatever man, as long as you COOs stay on your side of the cuberts.


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The amount of projection is comical at this point. At least it totally gives away their hand though.


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Anyone who's ever had a cunty GF (or wife you poor bastard) who did this knows how the Leftists work. Whatever they are doing, whatever they are guilty of is what they Alinsky.

If nothing else happens they think its 'cancels out' their wrong after all, you said it about them and they said YOU did that so who's to say, one is just as bad as the other, equal morality, its niether here nor there

So they are so clever (shitty) they do it preemptively too. Ann COulter pointed this out. You could predict what the Hillary Team was going to be guilty of by what fake news narrative accusations they brought out a week earlier about Trump. So they go 'meta' because when (example) a woman will come forward describing how Bill Clinton (potential first man) actually grabbed her by the vagina, gripping fingers into her vagina and pressing her against the wall then they find a stupid narrative about Trump as 'pussy grabber' (despite being a stupid locker room expression not real).

Then they can even say "AHA.. seeeee... you are just saying what we said!".

So they are really just bitchy cunts after all. The truth is not in them.



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/v/news is being brigaded by commies


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It's funny because it's so obvious.


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That's not the really funny part.

The really funny part is this; Voat's a honeypot and has been since when coontown got blew up and v/niggers appeared here. Maybe before even, lol. Anything of that degree of anti-black racism is by policy 'watched' with alphabet agencies and has been so for fucking decades. lol You don't think they just let us run around talking shit about niggers unattended do you? Every time one of us says nigger here, we're helping put their kids through college and giving them job security.

Here's the rub, we're fucking harmless and they know it or at least have been until now. They've been following our tongue in cheek humor with some highlights of some of the fucked up, but funny things we've been saying. Probably made some eyes roll at some meetings and triggered enough people to get some poor bastards assigned to us.

But that's been interrupted with this big wave of political refugees. Here we got the pizzagate people flooding over from Eddit. That'll choke the spy infested code all to fuck, running on some backwater basement servers. Couple that with now the predators looking to keep the pizzagate people contained are showing up in force with their own band of pros to start fucking with things.

This is where it really gets funny. Being there is a changing of the guard and there's now going to be some kind of wild assed interagency wars over this pizzagate thing as the intelligence revolution continues once Trump is solidified in office, all of this data from this new wave of users is going to be massively relevant. So fags like OP, an obvious as fuck anti-pizzagate operative has just stuck his obviously poorly briefed cock into an alphabet honeypot. lol

Note how all the code has 'cleared up' and it's running real smooth. Agent Johnson's backwater honeypot just got kicked up the foodchain and it can't be running shitty now can it? So let's have a massive laugh as these world class villains just landed in the worst place in the history of ever to pull their shilling shit at. Let them shill away, down voat them, troll them and have a good time doing it. It's all good because like the man said "It all comes out in the wash."


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Please tell me you posted this to point out the hypocrisy of the left and not because you actually believe it.


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He didn't post the archived version, and his two other posts seem to indicate he's serious.


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And it's a 13 hour old account on top of that.


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Is there examples of this happening on the left? I mean fake bullshit on the left seems to come from the top. It tends to be mainstream outlets peddling lies and half truths.


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Fuck Mediamatters


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Media Matters is:

A creation of Democratic Party funders and ofperatives, and of former conservative writer David Brock

David Brock is Pizzagate's James Alefantis's ex-boyfriend


Is funded and supported by the billionaire philanthropist George Soros


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I see two new accounts, and their posts are good enough to be there (I used the Default Front because my Front is pretty whack with my subscriptions ). It's hard to see some of the new users steam-roll in with their old reddit ways, but just like with every influx, and you've seen several this point with all your time here, we upvote the good and downvote the shit, even if the accounts are new. We try to educate them at Our Voat Way and they will come around, or they will leave. It's all good, dude.

If there's any way you can document the vote manipulations you're seeing, which is super bad juju, then this should be looked at but best to put in a PM.

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Went from 157, click to downvoat, now it's on 256.
Very fishy.


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I like how after the election the media created a narrative of fake news. All these shills had plenty of time to try and discredit Wikileaks during the election season, but for some reason they admitted all of that news was real by claiming that "muh Russians dun it."

And now they're trying to drown the news cycle with MORE bull shit propaganda stories. After seeing the "fair and objective" coverage of the election, none of us are surprised that they would be this fucking dense. Maybe Hillary lost the campaign, but these so-called "journalists" lost every shred of dignity they once pretended to have.


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FOr me that was one of the biggest stories in all of this election .. how the mainstream media exposed themselves as shills and were willing to 'double down' and now are 'tripling down' and sold out all their credibility. The OP doesn't even understand that the MSM (incuding FOX) is now the least legitimate level. That Breitbart, Drudge and even 'citizen bloggers' are now what verifies the heresay crap seen on the mainstream channels.

The OP's video is outdated and has it backwards lol

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