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When i was a teen way back in the dark ages, a friend of my dads was accused of rape by a friend of his teenage daughter. Turns out he was innocent, she was scared that she was pergo from some one night stand, so she made up the story. This man lost his wife and kids his job and two years of his life defending himself against this liar. this is a crime and must be punished to the fullest extent of the law


[–] BANGAndTheDirtIsGone 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Disgusting. I saw something on here awhile back when a Southampton (UK) mum killed herself as she couldn't live without her son. She did that on the anniversary of his death. Why did the boy die? Well, he killed himself after a false rape accusation by a girl of a similar age. Pretty sure he was added to the sex offenders register, too. I get we don't want to prevent people coming forward to the police as rape is a horrible crime. But something really needs to be done to prevent people fabricating false stories and destroying lives.


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Those fake accusations are what keep real cases from coming forward. They're afraid of being confused with the fakers.


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i totally agree


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I agree as I had as a formerly sexually abused, infatuated and not so good looking co-worker try something like that to my faithful and chaste husband. It didn't work and now they're gonna have to pay up.

They won't fire the swamp but we will see what's at the bottom.

Get to the bottom of the drained swamp!