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OP should really get a second opinion on his own brain.

edit: I was aware of the larvacide. I know it plays into it, I know the msm push to hide it, but have there not been reports of zika elsewhere? I thought the two had to act together to make the deformities.

But the speed at which the zika angle was spreading, it's possible the pharmacy didn't even know that their larva cider was causing it at the time. Deformities like these would be very hard to overlook even with pharmacy. I spread quick because with possible global pandemics is beer to overreact I think. Look at it! Half the skull is missing.

They likely did try to cover it up, but I don't think they were aware of the deformities. It's likely they did try to rush the larvicide through the approval process though, this seems to happen too often now.

I think it's a combo of the two like you say. Sorry for overreacting with my initial post.

Good thing is this whole establishment cronycapitalist bankster/pharma system is about to fail. There will be MANY many MANY! that will be tried for crimes against humanity very soon.