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story gets removed from /r/news

This is something I don't think we need to start. However I think that bit of information would be perfect for /v/meanwhileonreddit. I'd rather us focus on the story at hand.

Now for the post. Damn. I just don't understand people who think this way. Like I don't understand what catfish think. I'm glad that they were dumb enough to post the evidence online to make it easier for them to get caught, however the fact that her school-mates could see it, just disturbing.

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It's because they are shitty humans. From my short experience in life I have learned that it's the up bringing and the community/culture that make a person, not skin colour.


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I don't see how melanin content and facial structure has anything to do with it.


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I'd make the point that it's easy to feel vitriolic in these situations...the sort of "I'd flip the switch myself" argument. But I hold that after the anger you're really not left with much place else to go. It's also distilling a relatively nuanced situation down to a point that limits discussion. As a community, I'd hope that we can have more verbose discussions while still sharing different perspectives.


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Can we not start this when Voat is still trying to get off the ground? Just because we are trying to escape reddit's censorship of hate doesn't we need to be hateful.


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Yeah, I'm not sure why this is here. We have rule #8, bemoaning reddit doesn't equate to news. Perhaps because it links to an actual story? I'm not sure. As for what you were saying, I take a pretty apathetic view. I guess I would note that violent crime statistics are trending down and I take comfort that most people choose not to act that way. To me, trying to frame it as an issue of skin color isn't really helpful because it fails to take a larger world view. I would argue it's trying to keep us fearful and easier to control.