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How removed from reality are people? Do they not realize that men frequently insist that they're going to marry you or get you when they meet a pretty girl they want to be with? People have sexual lives and they're fascinating and they're flirty and they have all sorts of long established traditions and creative innovations attached to them.

Also it should be known by nerd virgins and SJW virgins that women are attracted to men with power and money and there are a multitude of them that would allow Trump to grab their pussy. And yes, a lot of them are only around rich and powerful men for that reason. That's a legitimate form of feminism that isn't open to the the homely crowd of jealous SJWs. I understand why he was awestruck and talkative about that.


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Have they escalated the attack to rape? was wondering when they would do that. this is america lie till you have won. just like Assange

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Try chosing a less troll-y username sir.

Are you denying that Donald Trump has a fat belly? Can we add this to the long list of delusions currently being experienced by the Church of Conservatism?


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But Killary's the pinnacle of health, right? "delusions currently being experienced" You're just pathetic.