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https://archive.is/DPtJN :

Disney: ‘Ant Man And The Wasp’ A Go, ‘Incredibles 2’ Dated & More | Deadline

'Disney announced a total of 19 films with either title changes, new release dates or previous dates pushed, in some cases by a full year. '

'More news on the Pixar front: Disney announced that The Incredibles 2 is now dated for June 21, 2019, and the previously untitled November 22, 2017 Pixar pic now has a name: Coco. '

'They announced dates well into 2020. '

'Here is Disney’s full list of new dates:COCO is final title of previous “11/22/17 Untitled Pixar Animation” (previously announced 11/22/17 wide playdate is unchanged)GIGANTIC is final title of previous “3/9/18 Disney Animation” (previously announced 3/9/18 wide playdate is unchanged)ANT-MAN AND THE WASP now dated on 7/6/18 wideTHE INCREDIBLES 2 now dated on 6/21/19 wide'

'Marvel made it official this morning, slating Ant-Man And The Wasp for July 6, 2018. '

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Fuck that shit.

Where's my goddamn Resident Evil 2 remake?