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refuse to bake gay cake, get run out of business, refuse to make a Cop cake and nothing happens.. boycotting target and walmart..



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Should have told them the cop was gay.

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It never was and they stoped faking it after gay dudes toned it down achiving all the goals they fought for and stoped being usefull idotes.


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Based solely on the headline I hold the opinion that Walmart employee's don't have the authority to make that call ... unlike Uncle Harry's Bakery down the road owned and operated by Uncle Harry himself who does indeed hold all the rights to serve or not serve the patrons of his establishment.

Now I'll proceed to read the comments below ...

Edit to add: No further comment.


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Under Walmart they DO should their boss tell them so. But there is NOTHING racist about the cake .

Maybe we need a dictionary page posted every where so every one understands what racism is. Since law suits are the only way to get any thing looked at in this country I think people should sue others when being accused of racism. Especially when most don't even know what it means any more. Dats Waycist crap needs to go it's a fucking cake for a cop if they don't like cops say that which is another discussion .


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First of all ... no need to yell at me and secondly you forced my hand into reading the article I had no interest in reading but only a moron would reply to a post without further investigation. Right away I read this ...

Three Walmart workers in McDonough, Ga., refused to decorate a “thin blue line” cake for a police officer’s retirement party because they said it was racist.

Through further investigation I discovered that the unattractive decoration on that pathetic excuse of celebration cake was done by a manager who stepped in and did her job (albeit lousy) she should have compensated the officer that pathetic looking cake and called it a day.

Perhaps a dictionary would come in handy for ... Dats Waycist or perhaps not ?

Law suit are the answer, and the solution are they ? Well perhaps to you they are but I disagree. But by all means you go ahead and pay the exorbitant fee's to a lawyer who I see as nothing more than a game player in an ever growing line of people waiting to have their day on the playing field that has become the court of law.

And lastly ... I thought the discussion was about cops and a cops retirement cake. Hmm, perhaps if they had ordered cupcakes instead the whole situation could have had a sweeter outcome ... I personally had nothing to do with any of it.


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It's pretty easy to pick a side in the "culture wars".


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If you can explain what cops have to do with racism. Oh wait...they arrest nigs a lot because nigs commit a lot of crimes.


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They're toddlers that get mad about being caught. Imagine spending your entire life like that.


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It appears the manager attempted to do the right thing when the workers refused. The manager just lacked sufficient skill. Props to the manager for trying. It is the employees that are at issue.


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People buy cakes from Walmart? But Costco is so much better...


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So this is news now

Every day, same old internet, news about somone getting mad and doing things about it

But now it's about cake... This isn't the first time people got mad over cake though. I just find it amazing that people keep getting upset about some people not making a cake in particular.


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i agree to an extent , my issue is the cake isn't racist and Dats Waycist attitude needs to stop too many have taken the term racism WAY out of context. Its the principal of the matter


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Walmart needs cops onsite to help at their stores because they don't pay for security anymore. Cops should go patrol some where else.

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