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She got to claim minority experiences, suffering, trials and tribulations, etc. In an organization that focuses on those very topics, it gives her a credibility and insight she didn't actually have.


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She very likely actually experienced some suffering by trying to look "black" as she calls it.

NAACP says it doesn't have a color test. I agree with them on this because they are correct. While I would be concerned if there wasn't adequate representation of actual black people for at NAACP, I don't think we are anywhere near that area and won't get there any time soon.

I am concerned about two things:

  1. The scholarship. So far this is just an allegation. If this turns out to be true, there should be ramifications.

  2. Accusations of discrimination. If these exist and they turn out to be without merit, that would indicate dishonesty.

Once we get a better idea about these two things, then we can talk about whether action should be taken against her.

Edit: On #2, it looks like @mscomies has the goods later in this thread. Apparently, there wasn't enough to prosecute for making false complaints, but the letters mailed to her were missing the usual postal service markings.


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trials and tribulations.

That's shit.

And this is Shinola.

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