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Why do i feel like i'm being berated by my grandmother? And the finger pointing, too. Didn't anyone ever tell her that was condescending?


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I feel the same way about this video. She is way behind the times, since unions don't solve any problems this day in age. Originally, they were needed to protect workers rights and working conditions, but now all they do is extort high fees out of workers.

Because of this video, I now know that Trump supports [the] "Right To Work" and I can see that she obviously does not support the right to work.

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extort high fees out of workers to donate to the DNC.

"Right to Work" means you can't be required to join a union to take a job. Basically Cunton is pissed that unions can't require people to join therefore the unions can't collect the dues to support the DNC whether the union members like it or not. So unions actually do solve the problem of extracting funds for the DNC out of workers that are unwilling to donate.


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By supporting the "Right to Work" he's also saying he supports your ability to sell your own knowledge, skills and labor on the open market and negotiate on your own merits for compensation rather than the "everyone with the same seniority gets the same salary" world of unions.


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Hey that finger has been places.

Like inside a Saudi spy's dirty snatch.


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Well, name calling and finger pointing are the liberal's main weapons.


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Didn't anyone ever tell her that was condescending?

if they did tell her they didn't live to see the next week, that's for sure.