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Unfortunately this is the real issue with politics around the world. The few who know enough to cast educated votes are so few and far between that it really has to be a gigantic unmissable and irrefutable scandal in the media 24/7 or the incompetent masses roll in on poling day and vote without really knowing who or what they are voting for.

For Hilary to be completely beyond ever winning an election there would have to be open and passionate decent within the Democratic party and thats just not going to happen, theres more passion in a used tissue on the floor of a wank booth in Amsterdam than there is in the entire established American political system.

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No it isn't a flaw of democracy itself its a flaw of the current representative democracy has allowed for career politicians to say and do as they please as long as they get elected for another term. Alternate forms of democracy prevent morons from having too much influence on who comes to power but you'd probably never live to see something like cell based direct democracy or something better take hold.